Glass Fabrication Commercial Services

If asked about the use of glass in homes or businesses, most people would immediately think of windows. However, there are many other ways glass is used, and any one of them could require maintenance or repair. It’s important to find a company you can trust for residential or commercial glass services.

Windows: We’ll begin with the most obvious and widespread use of glass in commercial or residential applications. Whether at home or business, windows sometimes get scratched or they crack, chip or break. A high quality residential glass repair or commercial services company may be able to fix the problem in situ, polishing out scratches or applying epoxy to small chips or cracks; if the problem isn’t easily repairable, a knowledgeable company can cost-effectively replace the pane with a pane that matches seamlessly.

When it comes to windows, consumers also have the option of window glass tinting, both for businesses or homes. This can provide glare reduction, security, or heat/UV ray reduction, or it can be purely decorative. No matter the desired effect, finding a residential glass repair or commercial glass services company familiar with the many applications and uses for window glass tinting is important for the best results.

Sometimes, a window simply fails and becomes non-airtight. Double-pane glass can take on a foggy appearance when condensation accumulates between the panes; when this happens the glass is no longer insulating the way it needs to, and replacement should be considered. A high-quality residential glass repair service will be able to diagnose your window problems and offer sound advice for solutions. If you’re the owner of historic homes, you probably want to preserve your home’s architectural character and appearance, so it’s important that the company you choose will work with you to find options that work for your house.

If you’re a commercial building owner, your profits could be leaking out through gaps in faulty windows. Brief phone calls to a reputable commercial glass services company can help save you thousands of dollars in utility costs.

Shower enclosures or doors: years of soap buildup or scratches can often be removed or buffed out by a good residential glass company. This is also an area where window glass tinting is very popular; frosted glass showers show soap buildup less quickly than their clear counterparts.

Mirrors: custom mirrors can make a stunning impact when used in door. They can make a room feel much brighter and bigger. Ask your glass company about the possibility of a mirror perfectly sized for your space. Glass isn’t just windows. It’s used in so many ways and makes a huge impact on our lives and our view of the outside world.

Glass Fabrication of Moreno Valley, California, is available 24/7 to travel to your location and provide the glass replacement, repair, and retrofitting services you require. Additionally, we install new screens, offer re-screening services, repair and replace slider patio doors, and craft custom mirrors. We offer same day service, and walk-ins are always welcome!

Glass Replacement

Give us a call today to discuss your residential or commercial glass replacement needs. Same day service available. We offer both residential and commercial glass replacements.

Window Retrofitting

A retrofit sits on your old window and fits perfectly in your window track. Single-pane glass can transfer heat and cold, but our dual-glaze vinyl slider reduces transfer from occurring. Dual-glaze vinyl comes in various colors and styles.

Screens & Re-Screening

We can re-screen intact frames with 70%, 80%, or 90% sun protection screen variations, depending on your needs and preferences. Additionally, we sell new screens to replace your missing or damaged screens.

Sliding Patio Doors

If your slider patio door breaks, we come to your location on the same day to clean the area, gather measurements, and install a dual- or single-glaze glass door. Please note that same-day services are viable for standard, in stock sizes.

Glass Repairs

Have your broken window replaced quickly and affordably. Give us a call today to request an estimate and set up a service time.


We also design and create custom bathroom, wall, poly-stage, and double-wall mirrors. Just let us know what size you are looking for and we’ll make a custom mirror to fit your specifications.